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SEISCO, Inc. is a Seismic Exploration Information Services Company. The company was founded in 1992 and is based in
New Orleans, Louisiana. Its core business is focused on seismic data marketing and exploration information services. Over the past five years, the company has been developing a unique exploration database, EXPLORFILE® Data, which may provide explorationists “insights” into the oil and gas industry’s search for hydrocarbons throughout the U.S.

Proprietary Databases

Since the company’s inception, SEISCO has acquired ownership rights to the following database assets:
  • 2D Seismic Data
  • GEOFILE® Seismic Data & Geological Research Services
  • EXPLORFILE® Exploration Studies
  • Aeromagnetic Surveys
Click on SEISCO’s various Proprietary Databases for more background information of its seismic and exploration information assets.

Data Services

SEISCO, Inc. is also a data Services Company dedicated to assisting the explorationist in maximizing its use of existing seismic and exploration information. SEISCO offers seismic digitizing, processing, A-D data conversion, tape copy, and data storage and management services through its network of affiliated industry service providers.

SEISCO's staff of seismologists has over 200 years of experience in the seismic service sector and is here to assist the oil and gas community in its geophysical service endeavors.

To request seismic data availability in your area of interest or to request information on any other services, please call SEISCO at
504-731-2995 or contact us by using the
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